Come join Dallastown Area High School's Envirothon Team!
Gray Fox
Gray Fox
Each April, teams from all over York County come together at John Rudy County Park to demonstrate their "Environmental" abilities. Students focus on 5 areas of study, including Aquatics, Wildlife, Soils, Forestry, and a Current Event topic that changes each year.

Meeting times: (Oct—Jan) Wednesday--Mornings in room 212 (7:10-7:40am),

(Feb—Apr) Meet after school on Thursdays, room 212 (3:00 -4:15pm)

This year's topic is Urban Forestry. 
This year's event will be held on Tuesday, April 28.










For more information, please contact Steve Stauffer (Room 212) or Shelley
(Room 224) at Dallastown Area High School.

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