Commonly Asked Questions

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Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the Home Access Center? HAC provides school, class work and report card information about your child for you. The benefit of this is to enhance your awareness about how your child is doing in school and to further improve communication between home and school.
  2. How do I access HAC? You may navigate to the "Overview and Login" page listed at the left and click on the "Log In" link found on that page. Once you are at the HAC login page, you may create a browser "favorites" or "bookmark" item in your computer"s web browser to make it easier for you to go directly to HAC.
  3. Is HAC secure? Yes, HAC is very secure. HAC uses a secure website address (https) and a "security certificate" as part of its structure. As well, the HAC data is stored on a secure computer server used by the district. We take great pride in the security and integrity of our computer systems.
  4. Who has my username and password? Usernames and passwords were mailed home (via US Postal Service) in a letter addressed to the parents/guardians of each of our enrolled students at the initial startup time of HAC.
    Parents/guardians of students entering 4th grade, or intermediate/middle/high school students new to the District, will receive their username and password as part of the enrollment process.  For students new to the District at the start of the school year, this typically occurs sometime during the month of September. For all students who have already had access to the HAC system, you may continue to use your current username and password to access the HAC system.

  5. I lost my username/password letter or forgot my username/password!  What do I do? Please contact the HAC support center.  The ONLY way to get a replacement copy of your username and password is by having a replacement copy of the information letter originally sent to you to be re-sent to your home in the US mail.  Please be very patient as this request may take some time to complete.
  6. How can others obtain a username and password to use HAC? Dallastown Area School District handles confidential information very seriously. Users must be authorized by the District in order to obtain access to student school data. Contact the HAC support center or see the "Information Contacts" listed to the left.
  7. Can I change my username or password online on my own? No. If you must change your username or password, you must contact the HAC support center or see the "Information Contacts" listed to the left.
  8. Can I alter information about my child or his/her school data online? No. HAC is a view-only service.  If any enrollment information is incorrect or needs to be updated, please contact the District Central Enrollment Department or call the main District telephone number shown on the "Information Contacts" page listed to the left.
  9. I see more assignments listed for some teachers than others. Why? There are many reasons that one subject or even one class section will show more or fewer assignments than in others. This is quite typical, and reflects the professional and customized attention that teachers give to each of their classes.
  10. Some teachers show assignments online before they are due, while others do not. Why? Dates are determined by the professional discretion of each of our teachers. As there is great variation between subjects, classes and teachers, there is variation in how teachers use their professional discretion to process and post assignments and scores.
  11. The information shown in HAC for my child does not match up with what the teacher says, or some assignments are not yet updated.  Why is this?  The HAC online system goes through a complete updating and synchronizing process overnight on school days.  Changes made by teachers in our computerized grading system will not be updated in the HAC system until the NEXT SCHOOL DAY.  Please be patient for this process to complete.
  12. I have questions about the information that I view online. Who do I contact about this? Please refer to the "Information Contacts" page listed at the left.
  13. I am having trouble using HAC with my computer. What do I do? Check these items:
    • Use Microsoft Internet Explorer ONLY. Other browsers may not work correctly while using HAC.
    • Make sure that pop-up windows are not blocked by settings or software on your computer.  HAC relies upon pop-up windows to display some information from time to time.
    • AOL (dial-up) software users - Once logged in to AOL, minimize the AOL software and then start up Microsoft Internet Explorer to access HAC. The built-in AOL browser may not work correctly while using HAC.  This applies to other dial-up software applications as well!
    • The Internet may be "down" at your location, or our own computers may be offline for maintenance (this happens very infrequently but is still possible).
    • Double-check your HAC username and password for accuracy. Be careful to watch for the use of capital (upper-case) characters as you type. Is your Caps-Lock key turned on?
  14. I need technical help with my home computer or its files. Will the school district help me with my computer?  No.  Unfortunately we are not able to assist with problems with home computers nor can we provide any referral information for you.  Please locate a reputable local computer repair service of your own choice.
    Also download our New Home Access Center Tips for more information.  NEW Home Access Center Tips

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