Team Omega
Mr. Himes
717-244-4022 ext. 2232
Language Arts
Mrs. Urey
717-244-4022 ext. 2280
Mr. Klinedinst
717-244-4022 ext. 2271
Ancient Civilizations
Mr. Carter
717-244-4022 ext. 2278
Who are these people?!   
Cookie success.  
Pretend you don't know him.  
Shouldn't you be taking the customer's orders?  
 Mrs. T rubbing elbows with the cool people.
Difficult customer.  
A whole table of difficult customers.  
Do your customers have their food?  
This is your brain on invertebrates.  
Love the nametag.  
Why is the waiter drinking?  
 No idea.






Last Modified on June 2, 2017