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My name is Mrs. Markey and I will be your child’s art teacher this year.  I look forward to an exciting year of creative ideas and the joy of seeing new discoveries made by the children every day.  My goals in art class are for all students to experience making art, learning problem-solving skills, and trying new and different ways of creating.  My philosophy in art class is that truly great artwork is done when students try to do their best. I concentrate on effort, learning skills, and the joy of creating, rather than art ability in the elementary grades.  Our art curriculum teaches students art history, famous artists, the elements of art , creativity and skills needed for problem solving.  In the art room the children have hands-on lessons making drawings, paintings, sculptures, weaving, sewing puppets and many more with a wide variety of materials. 


I will see your child for 45 minutes once a week for art.  Most of the projects we make will be kept for the art show in April.  Our theme for the art show this year is  "Art Painting Party". This is an event you don’t want to miss.   All children will have several pieces of art displayed throughout the entire school.   You will also find the children’s artwork decorating the school all year long.  


Mrs. Angela Markey
DTE & YT Art Teacher
Please feel free to contact me at:
 email address:  or phone:  717-244-3785  x4001
  I look forward to seeing all of you and creating fun projects together!
The following are  fun internet, kid friendly, art sites that correlate with the activities and artists done in art class. 
CHECK IT OUT!  This site lets kids(or adults) draw animals that become animated.  Then draw food for your animal and a background.  Your can eat your food and play in your background.  There are also games in the galaxy section where your animal drawing can play rush hour, puzzles or other games with you. 
Art sites to check out:
2nd grade is studying artist, Keith Haring.
Check out his website for an interactive coloring book or to play games with his art work. - try shaping pottery on the wheel
 Make your own Picasso at
 Henri Matisse's work is explored at - (This is an activity where they look at Mattisse's work, look for things in the paintings and then get to make their own Matisse masterpiece)
Henri Rousseau's famous jungle paintings is one of many activities The National Gallery of Art has for kids and they also have an activity to make your own mobile or dollhouse.  Have fun!
This website has lots of activities for you to have fun doing.
Free drawing lessons with cartoon artist and 3-d expert, Mark Kistler.
The Modern Museum of Art runs this site with an outer space guide.
All art classes are learning about the elements of art and the color wheel.  Watch a short video and then create your own masterpiece!
Mystery art sites to explore: