Dallastown Elementary K-3 Music 

Ms. Natalie Smith 
Music is a gift which lasts a lifetime.
Instilling a love of music in your child is my primary goal.
 The music curriculum is very diverse. We will be singing, listening to music of various genres, creating rhythms and melodies and learning to read basic music notation. 



 Kindergarten and First Grade 
In kindergarten & first grade we move!
We use movement to define expression in music,
determine pitch, and acquire a solid base knowledge of beat and rhythm.
We also sing a wide variety of songs,
begin to define what music is and how we create it. 
Second Grade
In second grade we begin to recognize inspirational stories of famous composers,
learn to work cooperatively in small groups, discover the language of notation,
the families of instruments and perform instrumental music.
Third Grade
In third grade we discover the joy of playing an instrument - the recorder!
We also study the instruments of the orchestra and band and take a closer
look at musical theater and what is needed to create a musical production.



National Music Education Standards

1.       Singing, alone and with others; a varied repertoire of music
2.       Performing on instruments, alone and with others,
          a varied repertoire of music
3.       Improvising melodies, variations and accompaniments
4.       Composing and arranging music within specific guidelines
5.       Reading and notating music
6.       Listening to, analyzing and describing music
7.       Evaluating music and music performances
8.       Understanding relationships between music, the other  arts, and disciplines outside the arts
9.       Understanding music in relation to history and culture