Welcome to First Grade


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Mrs. Whitney Bellomo


     Mrs. Barbara Kirkwood  


What is Happening in First Grade This Month



Your child will be learning:



 Important Dates

Monday, April 3rd- Wear Dallastown spirit wear to help cheer on our third graders taking the PSSAs!

Tuesday, April 11th- Wear baseball attire
Thursday, April 13th- wear comfy clothes

Friday, April 14th- No School

Monday, April 17th- Snow Make -Up Day

Friday, April 21st –  Wear animal print for Earth Day

Monday, April 24th - Wear wacky socks 
Thursday, April 27th- Lake Tobias field trip

Friday, April 28th- Early dismissal at 11:40 am


During April, we will be exploring nonfiction texts about animals. We will look for nonfiction text features like index, glossary, labels, diagrams, captions, and bold words. Jim Arnosky is a great nonfiction author who writes books about a lot of different animals. We will also read many National Geographic books that have lots of great pictures and facts!

Word Study

This month, we are going to continue working in our various word study groups. Students will continue comparing and looking at various word patterns and vowel sounds depending on which group they are in. Please continue to follow the homework schedule below to help your child learn these patterns each week.

Monday: Introduce and sort new words
Homework: Your child will show you the sort from today’s class. Let your child do the sort and ask questions such as, “What do you notice about these words?” and “What is the same about their spelling?”
Tuesday: Blind Sort
Homework: Your child will sort the words again like yesterday. Then place the heading words on the table. You will then scramble the words and call them out one at a time. Your child will point to the category in which the word belongs. Hand the word to your child to place in that column. Check the sort.
Wednesday: Speed Sort
Homework: Place the heading words on the table. Scramble the rest of the words. Time your child as he/she sorts the words. Check the sort. Re-scramble the words, leaving the same headings (category words) on the table out. Time your child a second time. Your child should try to beat his/her first time. They must be able to say each word.

Thursday: Writing Sort

Homework: Call out the words one at a time as your child writes the words on a piece of paper. Your child should not be able to see the words before writing them.


In April, we begin our informational writing unit. Students will pick topics that they know a lot of facts about and write various kinds of nonfiction text. We will use the books we are reading during read alouds and guided reading as great examples of this kind of writing!


We will begin the fourth marking period by working with different types of graphs. We will gather data and change that information into a bar graph or picture graph. After graphing, we will work on time and measurement. We will order and compare lengths of objects, and work on telling time to the hour and to the half hour.

Math Vocab Words:

Graph Words: bar graph, picture graph, data, tally chart, survey

Measurement and Time: compare and order lengths, analog, digital, half hour, hour, hour hand, long, measure, minute, minute hand, o’clock, short, and unit

Science/Social Studies

We will begin a forces, motion, and magnets unit.  We are excited to experiment with push, pull, speed, friction and magnets.  At the end of the month, we will begin our animal unit.