Welcome to First Grade


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Mrs. Whitney Bellomo


     Mrs. Barbara Kirkwood  


What is Happening in First Grade This Month



Your child will be learning:



Important Dates:

February 3rd- Wear your favorite football jersey or shirt to get ready for the Super Bowl

February 8-14th- Jump Rope for Heart Week- Wear sweats and sneakers on the day you have gym this week, and practice heart healthy exercise all week long. 

February 14th- Wear red, pink, or purple for Valentine’s Day

February 16-20th- Mid-winter Break- No School


During February, students will enjoy listening to and reading various folk tales and fairy tales. While reading these stories, we will be discussing the various components included in a folk tale as well as the difference between real and make-believe. Later this month, we will be discussing how to figure out the most important part of a story by looking at the problem in the story and how it was solved, and pointing out the times in a story that the character changes. We are also going to begin writing responses in our journals to the stories that we are reading.

Word Study

We are starting to work in our various word study groups. Students will be comparing and looking at various word patterns and vowel sounds within their word study groups. We will be sorting, writing, and finding these patterns in the books we read. Please follow the homework schedule below to help your child learn these patterns each week. Your child should be able to apply the pattern and write any of these words for the test.

Monday: Introduce and sort new words

Homework: Your child will show you the sort from today’s class. Let your child do the sort and ask questions such as, “What do you notice about these words?” and “What is the same about their spelling?”

Tuesday: Blind Sort

Homework: Your child will sort the words again like yesterday. Then place the heading words on the table. You will then scramble the words and call them out one at a time. Your child will point to the category in which the word belongs. Hand the word to your child to place in that column. Check the sort.

Wednesday: Speed Sort

Homework: Place the heading words on the table. Scramble the rest of the words. Time your child as he/she sorts the words. Check the sort. Re-scramble the words, leaving the same headings (category words) on the table out. Time your child a second time. Your child should try to beat his/her first time. They must be able to say each word.

Thursday: Writing Sort

Homework: Call out the words one at a time as your child writes the words on a piece of paper. Your child should not be able to see the words before writing them.

Word Wall Words: out, will, after, give, your, us, must, off, old, now, came, made


We began a unit on realistic fiction! Students are creating a character, giving him or her a name, and creating an adventure with a problem and solution. We will also be reading lots of realistic fiction examples during this time so that we can use some of these great ideas in our stories.


In math, we are working on place value. We are using ten frames, sticks of 10, and dimes to practice counting by tens. We will then add in pennies and ones blocks to count ten and the extra! By doing this, we will begin to understand place value and how the value of a number changes depending on its position within a larger number.

Math Vocab Words: equal to (=), greater than (>), hundred, less than (<), ones, regroup, tens, add, ones, subtract, penny, nickel, dime, quarter, count on


Science/Social Studies 

We are currently learning about our body.  We discussed the importance of our bones and muscles.  We are now learning about our brain, heart, and lungs.  We will also discuss ways to keep our bodies healthy. 


On March 10th, we are going to the Byrnes center to learn about our teeth and how to keep them healthy. We will be learning the types of teeth, the parts of the teeth, and ways to keep plaque from building.


We will also be learning about American symbols like the Liberty Bell, White House, Statue of Liberty, bald eagle, and American flag. Students will work with a group to present information about an American symbol to the class!