(English Language Learning)
Miss Lisa Dehoff - lisa.dehoff@dallastown.net
paw What is ELL?
The English Language Learning program (E.L.L.) is a program designed to meet the needs of students whose native language is not English, or who are from an environment where a language other than English is dominant.
The E.L.L. program is designed to provide instruction to children with limited English proficiency. The program includes social and academic language skills as well as cultural aspects of the English language needed to succeed in an academic environment. The program is aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards and provides credits toward graduation.
paw How does it work?
  • An E.L.L. student is:
  • assessed for English proficiency
  • placed at the appropriate grade level according to age and prior academic experience and achievement
  • instructed in social and academic skills as they parallel curriculum objectives
  • provided with modifications and adaptations in the classroom as needed to ensure success
  • evaluated on an ongoing basis to determine progress and adjust the program as needed
paw Who is involved?
  • E.L.L. Student
  • E.L.L. Teacher
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Parents/Guardians
  • School Guidance Counselor
  • Building Principal
  • Facilitators: Classroom Aides, Interpreters, etc.