OV Staff Directory
The use of e-mail as communication to school staff
E-mail should only be used for messages that do not require an immediate response. Please call the office for messages of an urgent nature or if you must receive a response by the end of the school day. Every attempt will be made to respond to e-mail in a timely manner. Please note that the primary responsibility of the staff during the school day is instructing students and that a response to an e-mail may not be returned until the following school day.
Greg Anderson
Assistant Principal
Brian Smith
Office Staff
Laura Hershey
Joanne McNichol
Wiley Kurcheski
Andrea O'Dell
Sharon McCreary
Lisa Haas
Stacey Ravo
Stacy Chronister
Kristin Maloney
First Grade
JoAnna Gruver
Amy Hayek
Mitchell Groh
Heidi Snider
Kelly McKinsey
Gail Lonergan
Second Grade
Jodi Klader
Tracy Springman
Kathy Howley
Nichole Heindel
Stacey Yoder
Danielle Walters
Third Grade
Alisha Good
Alisa Nicoara
Melissa Shirey 
Jeffrey Miller
Jacki Watkins
Jami Everhart
Lindsay Barshinger
Emotional Support TeacherTammy Leatherman
Learning Support Staff
Ashley Gentzler
Guidance Counselor
Angela Bixler
Laura Dixon
ArtAmanda Brant
MusicDr. Susannah Richards
Computer/TechnologyAlison Roperti
Physical EducationMatthew Marhevka
LibraryKelly Blizzard
IST/Head Teacher
Stacey Dellinger
Reading Support
Anissa Reck
Sue Argento
Heather Manahan
Beth Tucker
ELLLisa Dehoff
Health Room Staff NurseChloe Smith
SeminarShana Havanas
SpeechMolly Walsh
CafeteriaPatricia Young
CustodianTed Sult Sr.
Staff Emails follow the following format:
Last Modified on August 15, 2016