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Reading Recovery...What is it?

Reading Recovery targets first graders having difficulty learning to read and write in their regular classrooms. Reading Recovery is an early-intervention program. The goal is to identify struggling readers at the beginning of their reading years so that problems can be addressed immediately.

Designed by New Zealand child psychologist and educator Marie Clay, the Reading Recovery program was introduced to the United States in the mid-1980’s.  Since its inception, Reading Recovery has amazed educators and parents with its success rate! The results prove that children receiving intense and focused reading instruction in their early school years achieve success and can become fluent readers.

Dallastown Area School District introduced Reading Recovery services to first graders during the 1999-2000 school year.  In the 2001-2002 school term, all five elementary schools began offering Reading Recovery services to identified first graders. 

All Dallastown Area Reading Recovery teachers are certified to teach the program and participate in continuous professional development throughout the school year.

A Daily Lesson

Reading Recovery students attend daily, 30-minute lessons.

Each 30 minute session is one-on-one with the school’s Reading Recovery teacher and features intensive reading and writing instruction.

Children are usually assigned to participate in Reading Recovery for 12 to 20 weeks.

The goal of the program is to promote accelerated learning at a swift pace. Children who reach the average reading level of their grade no longer attend the daily lessons and other students are selected to receive this short-term intervention.

A typical lesson includes:

    • Fluent Writing
    • Rereading Familiar Books
    • Running Record
    • Letter Identification
    • Word Analysis
    • Writing a Story
    • Cut-up Sentence
    • New Book Reading


“When children enter the school, we need to observe what they can do, and build on that foundation whether it is rich or meager.”

   Dr. Marie Clay, Reading Recovery Creator


Dallastown Area School District is a licensed Reading Recovery Site that complies with the standards and guideline of the Reading Recovery Council of North America.