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Integrity 2015  
“A person is not given integrity.  It results from the relentless pursuit of honesty at all times." -- source unknown 
Tuesday, January 24th is Day 5!


Encore Schedule 


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Music News!

Orchestra rehearsal for returning musicians is on Day 4. 

Image result for goofy student musician 

Click Here to view the Spirit Days for the month of January!

Mrs. Justice:  January 23- January 27
Homeroom Announcements:  Buck-A-Book envelopes/money due Feb. 7th.
           Reading: Read 15 minutes each night.  
      Study Island Assignments: Students will be required to complete practice assignments for various reading, writing, and grammar skills.  Assignments have already been chosen, but students may complete them in any order they'd like.  Game mode or practice mode is acceptable for these assignments.  There will be a total of 8 assignments due by the end of January.  I've listed suggested due dates for students to complete assignments, to help them manage their time.  2 assignments completed by: 1/17, 1/21, 1/25, 1/31.  Complete information and incentives can be found at the following linkStudy Island Assignment Letter
       Word Work: -  Return the completed study guide on test day for a reward!
       Where/Wear WS- Due Tuesday, Jan 24 where-wear
       Week #12 test on Friday, January 24
         Week #12
           Websites for Review: Verbs: tenses, progressive verbs


Progressive Verbs:








Mr. Anderson's Homework
     Date: 1/23/17
Homeroom Assignments:
 Math - My Math -
Morning Session - pgs 455/456                
Afternoon Session - pgs 455/456                         
Social Studies (Anderson and Justice Homerooms) - Chapter 5 Exam is scheduled for Friday!  Students should be studying Lesson 1, 3, & 4 Notes.  They should also study their vocabulary terms for Chapter 5. 


Miss Rockwell's Homework 
 Date: 1/9/17-1/13/17
 Homeroom: Wear Black or No Place for Hate Shirts on Friday! 
Math Homework: Week 14 Homework.  Choose 15. Due Friday
Science Homework: 

Mrs. Duffy's Language Arts Class    
Welcome to 4th Grade Language Arts

Focus: January

Historical fiction genre

Nonfiction text 

Nonfiction text features
 Nonfiction text structure 
Persuasive writing

RACES responses to literature 

MOBY MAX WEBSITE: www.mobymax.com  We are having a contest on the Reading Skills Informational section. Students have been earning points based on their scores for each lesson. The top 20 students total between my 2 classes will receive an ice cream party to celebrate their accomplishment. The class with the highest total will also receive a prize. Encourage your child to practice on this site.  

School ID: pa5723

Word Work:  New word work agenda copies will be stapled into student agenda books on Day 1 of the cycle and the test date will be written on the agenda page. The test will be on Day 6. Some weeks students will be given 2 cycles before the test. Practice time will be given in class, but it is still the student's responsibility to practice at home. Grammar skill links will be posted below for students to use at home as well as school.

Word Work Week 9  Test Date : Friday, January 13th
MISUSED WORDS:  then vs than

Interactive Practice Sites

Guided Reading Groups- Assignments for morning and afternoon groups

(These assignments are completed during classroom guided reading time.) 
The Hundred Dresses- end of book assignments


Mrs. Schneider's Homework:    

RAZ KIDS WEBSITE:   www.raz-kids.com/login   
Teacher Login:  dais101
MOBY MAX WEBSITE: www.mobymax.com
School ID: pa5723
The Moby Max website is new website that our students are able to access.  The math levels are based on individual placement tests.  The computer assigns lessons to give students instruction and practice on the areas of need based on the placement test. Students can access any of the subject areas for additional practice. 

Math Homework: