DAIS Certified School Nurse (Yellow Community)
Brenda Knepper R.N. C.S.N. M. Ed.
(717)244-4021 ext. 1172
Fax 1-866-228-0648
Red Community Health Room Assistants
Kathleen Jacobson R.N. (Mon-Wed)
(717)244-4021 ext. 1372
Fax 1-866-847-0968
Andrea Mumford LPN (Th-Fr)
Blue Community Health Room Assistant
Amy Druck L.P.N.
(717)244-4021 ext. 1572
Fax 1-866-737-0851
The Pennsylvania Department of Health mandates that every student at the Intermediate School have the following screenings:
Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI)
Vision Screening
Students that enroll from out of the state must submit a physical and dental exam report (printable version available under "Health Room Forms")
6th grade students must submit a physical exam report (printable version available under "Health Room Forms")
Medication Procedure:
Please complete and submit the district medication administration consent form if your child needs to take medication at school.  According to the Dallastown school board policy #210, written parent and physician authorization is required for administering any prescription medication.  However, non-prescription medication (over-the-counter) may be administered without written physician authorization.  The medication must be in the original, labeled bottle in order for the school nurse to administer the medication.  Parents are requested to transport medication to and from school.
An Asthma Action Plan is required for students using an inhaler at school.
Printable version of the district medication forms and Asthma Action Plan are available under "Health Room Forms"