Welcome to First Grade




Mrs. Lieu

Mrs. Croyle

Mrs. Lattuca

Mrs. Adams

Here's what is coming up this month:
    December 2016
Reading Strategies 
*Identify Possessive Nouns
*Use beginnings/endings and letter clusters (ex. pl, cl, br, pr)
*Recognize high frequency words  
*Read on-level text with purpose and understanding
*Identify the author's message or moral of the story 
Word Work
*Proper Nouns
*Possessive Proper Nouns
*Compound words
*Long vowel vs. short vowel patterns 
*Blends at the beginning and ending of short vowel words
*Opinion Writing (Persuasive)
*Subtraction Strategies to 20
*Place Value 
Science and Social Studies 
*Social Studies: Families and Holidays Around the World
*Science: Sounds and Light


Words of the Week

Week 1:
but, went, this
Word Family: -en
Week 2:
by, from, when
Word Family: -ed
Week 3:
 what, so, saw
Word Family: -ar
Week 4:

Important Dates

*December 2nd- Crazy Hat Day!

*December 14th- Holiday Sweater Day!
*December 22nd- Holiday Spirit Day! (Wear holiday colors, hats, ears, etc.)
*December 22nd- Holiday Parties in homerooms in the afternoon
*December 23rd- Half Day. Dismissal at 11:40. 
*December 26th-30th- No SCHOOL








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