School Safety Information for Parents


Dallastown Area School District is committed to maintaining the safety and security of your children. In the event of an emergency, the Superintendent will inform parents through a telephone calling process (School Messenger) when an emergency or other event warrants these calls. Local radio and television stations will also be notified. 

  • Television Stations: FOX, WHP, WGAL, ABC, and WITF
  • Social Media Accounts:
Please keep the school informed of any changes in information reported on the School Emergency Card. The school must know how to reach you or other individuals designated to pick up your child in the event of an emergency.

Building Safety

Building entrances are locked following the arrival of students and staff. Building main entrances are equipped with a buzz-in and camera system. Upon entering a district building, visitors will be asked to present a valid state issued ID, which will be swiped into the system. Upon reading the information, a visitor management system will check the national database to identify sexual offenders. In addition, the visitor management system will be programmed to provide customized alerts specific to the district – such as identifying custody agreements and restraining orders. Once entry is approved, a badge will be issued that identifies the visitor, the date, and the purpose of their visit.

Fire and lock down drills are held throughout the school year. A lock down is a controlled response and declared when a situation exists that threatens the safety of students and staff and/or requires that they remain in their classroom. Fire and lock down procedures are posted in all classrooms.

In the event of an extreme emergency, your child will be released through an established reunification method. This requires a parent/guardian to report to a specified reunion area, complete a DASD Reunification form, and show a valid source of identification that matches with the school emergency card.

School Bus Safety

Bus evacuation drills are held twice a year. Specific questions and/or concerns regarding school bus safety should be directed to Mrs. Kathy Caffrey, DASD Transportation Coordinator, at 717-244-4021. In addition, you may contact Reliance Student Transportation at 717-501-5537.

Weather Emergency

Delayed openings, school closings, or early dismissals due to inclement weather are announced by local radio and television stations and posted on the district website. A weather emergency preparedness drill may be held each year in cooperation with local emergency management officials. In the event of a major disaster, (i.e., tornado, flood, etc.), the decision to keep students at school will be based on whether it is safe to travel in the area. Should conditions prevent the delivery of students to home or to schools in the morning; students will be delivered to the nearest school site.

Emergency Evacuation

Primary and secondary evacuation sites are established for each building. The specific site to be used in the event of an emergency is determined on a case-by-case basis. Students remain at the evacuation site until the emergency is declared over, at which time students will be returned to their building. If students cannot be returned to their building, students will be dismissed from the evacuation site. Your child will be released only to a parent/legal guardian or individual identified on the School Emergency Card. In the event your child has a personal means of transportation (auto, motorcycle, or bicycle) at school during an emergency when an evacuation is declared, a parent/legal guardian or individual listed on the School Emergency Card may need to complete an on-site consent form to authorize the student to evacuate using his/her own mode of transportation.

Shelter-in-place is a precaution to keep students safe while remaining indoors in the even
hazardous materials are released into the atmosphere. If an emergency requires sheltering-in-place, local emergency management officials will direct schools to do so, and direct us when it is safe to release students.

Safety Reminders for Parents

Periodically review both home and school safety and emergency plans with your child. In the event of a school emergency, student cell phones may only be used with the permission of the building administrator. School Emergency Cards should be kept updated throughout the school year. For the safety of all children, parents who drive their children to or from school must adhere to building traffic and parking rules.

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